October 22nd, 2001

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I hate dice bags

My dice bags' strings always seem to unravel and pop out one side of the bag, rendering it unable to close properly. I don't know exactly how this happens, since I'm really bad with spatial relations. Has anyone bought a brand of dice bag that has not had this happen?

Exalted is the Game of my Soul

Exalted is utterly the most best game ever. for me that is.

you see. i believe all my life i go to the comic books store. peruse every single game, find one that is "cool" and buy it.. but i am always searching.. until now.... this game is what i have been looking for.. it was that genre that.. world i wanted to play in... it is brilliant.. i will now make my ultimate campaign.. i already have 5 episodes(in one volume) complete. Volume 2 will be longer. and hopefully i will get some books so i can make this go smoother.

it is just.. the worldi w as looking for.. it is strange... i just feel.. complete with this game..

a spiritual thing really.

A re-convert

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons when I was 13---about 23 years ago. I stopped playing when I was 28 or so, for reasons I don't really understand. Anyway, when 3rd Edition D&D came out I was intrigued. I bought a Player's Handbook just to see how the rules had changed since 1st Edition AD&D. Just to look, mind you. I had no intention of playing.

Well, now I have pretty much all the books, run a regular weekly game, and am eagerly awaiting more books. Am I a geek or what? I sure am happy about it though---I didn't realize how much I'd missed preparing and playing role playing games until I got back into one.

With only the slightest provokation, I will detail the current world that my enthusiastic players are running around in.
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well, well, i am a new member. i hadnt ever looked at livejournal communities till the other day and while i found out there was a roleplayers one (of corse there is one, us rpers are gona take over the world) i guess i was slightly more than intrigued :P so i join. anyway, i have been rping for several years now. though i have never played D&D which seems to be the game of choice. ok, ok, ill prolly be drawn and quartered for saying that :P well, thats all. just wanted to make a post basically jumping up and down waving my arms,and making my presence known. thats all for now you crazy party peoples
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