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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Monday, October 22nd, 2001

Mythic Races

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current mood: happy

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8:14a - I hate dice bags
My dice bags' strings always seem to unravel and pop out one side of the bag, rendering it unable to close properly. I don't know exactly how this happens, since I'm really bad with spatial relations. Has anyone bought a brand of dice bag that has not had this happen?

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12:48p - Exalted is the Game of my Soul
Exalted is utterly the most best game ever. for me that is.

you see. i believe all my life i go to the comic books store. peruse every single game, find one that is "cool" and buy it.. but i am always searching.. until now.... this game is what i have been looking for.. it was that genre that.. world i wanted to play in... it is brilliant.. i will now make my ultimate campaign.. i already have 5 episodes(in one volume) complete. Volume 2 will be longer. and hopefully i will get some books so i can make this go smoother.

it is just.. the worldi w as looking for.. it is strange... i just feel.. complete with this game..

a spiritual thing really.

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1:14p - A re-convert
I started playing Dungeons and Dragons when I was 13---about 23 years ago. I stopped playing when I was 28 or so, for reasons I don't really understand. Anyway, when 3rd Edition D&D came out I was intrigued. I bought a Player's Handbook just to see how the rules had changed since 1st Edition AD&D. Just to look, mind you. I had no intention of playing.

Well, now I have pretty much all the books, run a regular weekly game, and am eagerly awaiting more books. Am I a geek or what? I sure am happy about it though---I didn't realize how much I'd missed preparing and playing role playing games until I got back into one.

With only the slightest provokation, I will detail the current world that my enthusiastic players are running around in.

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well, well, i am a new member. i hadnt ever looked at livejournal communities till the other day and while i found out there was a roleplayers one (of corse there is one, us rpers are gona take over the world) i guess i was slightly more than intrigued :P so i join. anyway, i have been rping for several years now. though i have never played D&D which seems to be the game of choice. ok, ok, ill prolly be drawn and quartered for saying that :P well, thats all. just wanted to make a post basically jumping up and down waving my arms,and making my presence known. thats all for now you crazy party peoples

current mood: bored

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