October 14th, 2001

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gaming night

I had a lot of fun playing my new character for Jayson's Saturday Night game. Spent most of the past week putting all the whistles and bells on him. As usual I cannot just play a "normal" character. He has to be an amagamation of about 2,000,000 different things. Using the GURPS rules I made up a gadgeteer/mage. His Magery is limited in that he can only use it in conjunction with some tech device he created. Considering that the world's TL is at 3/verging on 4 with pockets of 5 here and there, this is somewhat a challange. I even invented a whole new race for Jayson's game world, the Coyo. Funny how ideas can distill. I originally envisioned him as an escapee from the Castle Falkenstien world with Wierd Science, Wierd Magic, and such attached to him. He was cursed with a coyote head when he got on the wrong side of a shaman and blipped from the CF world to the new game world. By changing that around, making him a native of the world, creating the Coyo race, and getting rid of the wierd stuff, I was able to make a believable character with decent skill levels and spells. He already got in plenty of trouble during the game, so I anxiously await next Saturday.
Now, Jayson wants to split this large group to two nights of play, Sat. and Sun. The Sunday game will still take place in the same world, but slightly bent. How bent? Only Jayson knows, details to follow. So I made a new character for this game. He started off as some sort of superwierd coyote god/spirit that could travel around ala IceMan from the X-men. This was just the idea seed. The distillation of this seed is in progress as I write. But now he is some sort of capoeria/cleric wandering mystic coyo. Yes, I get stuck on races.
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