October 6th, 2001

Exalted = Final Fantasy VII

I've been playing Exalted for about two months now, and I have to say that this game is Final Fantasy VII. If you want to get technical about it, Exalted is also Final Fantasy VI in that War Striders = MagiTek Armor and Celestial Exalted = Espers. Am I right or am I right? Feel free to add your own examples. :- )

Exalted = Final Fantasy VII
Behemoths = Weapons
Daiklaves = Cloud's Buster Sword
Essence = Lifestream
The Guild = Shinra Corporation
Hearthstones = Materia
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journal: keep it secret/safe

Training, training, and more training.

Hello everyone. I could use some help/suggestions.
I have to do some career write ups for a play-by-board that I GM for. I basically have to outline the lessons that a player persuing the "career" of a thief, an assassin, and a pirate.

What I would like is some recommendations on what kind of lessons these kind of characters would go thru. While Im pretty good at coming up with the basics, weapon training, & fighting etc is a bit out of my realm of expertise (Hey Im a tyger, I just use claws ;) ) I;ve also got to do write-ups on the Thieves Guild & Assassin's Court, but those I 've pretty much got handled :)

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