October 5th, 2001

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Thought I'd ask here as well...

I'm trying to make up a survey for my players. Like one of those interest surveys you might have gotten through e-mail or whatnot, but with regard to background information. What would be some good things to put on the survey, things that most players wouldn't think of normally, but would be useful to know?
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hello, i have come to you all for redemption. i now know i must feel guilt for my recent character...i'm playing Kindred of the East, and i made a character...who is a twink. A TWINK. *hangs head low* tis a flying shame...now, let me explain why he's a twink, and why i come to you all. see, he's not even kuei-jin (eastern kindred, for those who don't know)...he's a dhampyr. yes, that's right, a half-vampyre half-human, born of some kuei-jin with a wild imbalance of chi. ok, so that wasn't so bad. but i insisted he is also a vampyre hunter...a demon hunter, as the eastern ones are. a Shih. a half-vampyre vampyre hunter (sound like a familiar anime character?). so his attributes were 8/6/3 and abilities are 21/12/7.... when i found this, i rejoiced. my ST sighed and let me take it...at a price. now he has a shitload of stats, but 8 p'o...and it talks to my character. for those who don't know, p'o is like a wraith's Shadow...the bad side. i would call him Faust, but this is the east. hell, i just did a Faustian thing for my character. so yeah, my character's a twink through and through, and i have come here for my penance.
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