October 2nd, 2001

  • skylion


Going to be starting an Underworld game soon. Anyone out there have some advice of errata to share. Would love to share info on the game. See ya.
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  • mephron

Starting a new game soon.

Our GURPS Mage/Technomancer game just blew up when the GM's wife decided the GM was not 'being fair'. (You're trying to follow someone's movements in the past when you have Time and no Correspondence... you WILL have a heck of a penalty to your skill roll for that... she just didn't like it.)

So I've been recruited. Either Star Wars (many years of experience with the WEG system, and I think I can do the D20 System version fairly well too) or Exalted.

To be honest, I'm more excited about Exalted than Star Wars right now. The world is neat and new and different and more in the style of movies I'm into right now. (Just finished watching the end of Trigun, as well as watching Bastard! and the Gatchaman OAVs - yes, I am an Anime Freakboy lately.)

I even created two adversaries for the game - one of them is a strong, virtuous, noble Dragon-blooded who just believes that the Solar Exalted are anathema - he's kind, generous and honorable, and merciful when he is able to be. The other is going to be a Lunar Exalted who has gone completely round the twist. I'm also going to toss a couple of others in - there's definately going to be an Abyssal Exalted around to wreak havoc, possibly in alliance with the Lunar, and a Sideral of the Gold Faction who, if they play things right, may end up as a mentor and tutor to the group.

And one of the PCs, looking through the Book of Three Circles, wants to find a Warstrider. I expect that to be a MAJOR quest, and there will be a lot happening, especially if I can set it up as a race between them and the Abyssal Exalted.

Much fun possibility here.....
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AOL based chat games

if anyone is on AOL, or has AIM and is looking for a game, I run a Vampire: The Masquerade game there called Orlando: Kingdom of Chaos. we're currently looking to accept characters from any clan, preferably camarilla or indie aligned. If you'd like more info, please email me. :)

Release Date

For them's who was wondering (hello? Anyone? *crickets chirp*), "Shadows Under Thessalaine" (my D20/D&D module) is scheduled for release in November.

Don't know the exact date, subject to change, yada, yada...

Just in case you wanted to know.

A little update from Alex's campaign...

Ever play in a game where the players used roleplaying to attack another group member? There's a guy in my group who is not well liked by my other players. His new character was a thief. The group's cleric wouldn't let him steal, even from monsters, and kept lecturing him about morals. The group's two main fighters kept calling him a coward and berating him for his unconventional tactics. The group's wizard wouldn't even speak to his character for some reason. And now, the player all of a sudden has to work on gamedays. It certainly was more tactful the group than killing his character outright, but still a little mean.

What's the point of this story? Nothing, really. Better than seeing some another play by AIM ad, I suppose?