October 1st, 2001

A brief rant


Why is it that people can't seem to figure out that there is usually a reason behind rules in RPGs, and it's the spirit, not the letter, that's important?!?!

I'm not talking about min/maxing. I'm not even talking about rules-lawyering. I'm talking about people who blindly make decisions based on the exact letter of a rule, without turning their brains on the slightest or realizing that there is such a thing as extenuating circumstances.

Perfect example, taken from the EN World forums. A guy was talking about a D&D game in which a dwarf character was killed, then Reincarnated (as per the spell) and came back as a centaur. The DM made the guy change the languages his character knew, because the bonus language list for dwarves was different than it was for centaurs! :-/

Hello?! Languages are learned, just like any other info! And the "languages by race" thing is cultural, not genetic. But no, this guy just blindly--and stupidly--went ahead without once contemplating the meaning behind the rules.


Sorry. This sort of thing just drives me batty, and this seemed as good a place to rant about it as any. We now return you to your regularly scheduled community.
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