September 26th, 2001


A rant.

You know, starting a game is a stressful job. I have never, ever, had a reliable group. There are always like 1000 little "oh I forgot" things that come up right before it starts. I've already tried to start this recent game twice now. The first time I lost 3 people in 6 hours because of "oops! situations change" issues. The real pisser is when people say "Oh, it's only a game." but they forget that you've spent hours of your life working on this. Hours that could have been spent doing something else. And you've said at every occasion "Give me notice if you can't make it. Let me know now, so I can find a replacement." But what do the fucking players do? They wait until the day before the game and then they drob the bombshell on you.

Reasons that it isn't "only a game" for storytellers.
1) The ST has poured his creativity into this plot long before you even knew it existed.
2) The ST has spent hours figuring out nuances and trying to make sure that it is both challenging and fun.
3) The ST doesn't do this for money, it's charity work done in the hopes that his game will be both played and enjoyed. Yes, ST's do it so the game is /played/.
4) The ST is the only person in charge of getting gamers organized, which is like trying to herd tomcats.
5) Most players assume that games, plots, and events just fall from the sky and don't have any real work put behind them. I mean, after all it's "just a game."

To hell with that. It isn't just a game for the ST. ST's have jobs just like players. They have lives just like players. However, they spend ages setting up a game world for a bunch of unappreciative gamers because they have a creative idea and would like to see it realized. When flakey gamers (and all you bastards are flakey gamers) drop out, all that effort is wasted.

NOTE: They'll often say "Just work me in later" like it's an easy task. Getting a group of characters together with a common goal and a reason to stick together is a PAIN IN THE ASS! And never has one player sat down and thought "Gee! Maybe I should work with the other players and figure out a way to get us all together." Nope. That is also left to the ST to figure out. This isn't something I have a problem with because it often allows me to drive a plot. However, when I have a player say "Just work me in later" that means that I have to develop a whole new side plot in order to get his unreliable ass into the game. It all just pisses me off.
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Hi there. I'm another new guy. I'm Karl Germyn, and this is my Livejournal. I'm a paid user (just for the ten userpics, let me tell ya). I'm a big fan of roleplaying; LARPing is my new obsession, but I'm also a firm lover of the traditional pencil-and-paper boys. I'm familiar with D&D (as well as AD&D, but I prefer the oldschool D&D rules. WotC did horrible things to Third Edition), Palladium, RIFTs, Heroes Unlimited, Earthdawn, Shadowrun, and Vampire : The Masquerade (our LARP favorite).

Although I'm a bigger fan of playing than I am of DM/ST/GM'ing, I'm perfectly capable of the latter, and very much appreciate a good roleplaying session with people who know what the fuck they're doing. I've got plans to begin an Earthdawn gaming session weekly in the area that I live with some close friends, and I'm looking forward to showing them all the ropes.

Don't expect to hear much from me on the community, however. I've got very little free time on my hands unless I've planned it out three weeks in advance -- attending Kwantlen University College and working at Electronics Boutique keep me very busy; and any spare time that I've got, I love to spend happily with my girlfriend and my friends.

Anyways, keep it real.

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Well, word has come from Wizards of the Coast that the press release at Fireworks Entertainment is mistaken. The Forgotten Realms TV show will not be a kids show.

That's good. I still expect it to suck, but at least now we won't have to deal with the Pokemon/Power Rangers angle.
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this is a really good guide to point anyone who doesn't understand roleplaying to. Especially if they think you're worshipping the devil or something :)

Actually, everything on his site is good, as near as I can tell :P

(credit to galith for this link)
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Hello, and Fair day..

I figured, eh, I've been lurking long enough, I may as well finally get around to introducing myself. I had just been getting to the point where I was going to make a LJ for RP-ers, when one of my random searchings of strange people's LJ's revealed this one. Yeah for me.

This is myLJ, and this is my web site. Feel free to visit, although you wont if you don't want too. Don't worry, I wont cry.. much :'). I also have aLJ writing group, for those interested.

I am 25 years of age, and if the username didn't clue you in, yes I am a gamer chick, and damn proud of it. I am cynical idealist, or a romantic realist, whichever you find to fit the contradiction that I tend to be. I'm also a pagan, a BBW, slightly insane, infinitely lovable, a touch kinky, and any other ridiculous label you may decide to use on me. I've recently moved to the Central Ontario area, and am almost getting to the point of "desperate" to find a group to RP with... SO desperate, I've even considered *learning* D&D {insert shocked gasp here} I am an opiniated person, although I rarely express or force them on anyone, and I dont participate in flame wars if I can help it. I just tend to ignore twinks if my first 5 attempts at being helpful were rebuffed.

I have been roleplaying for over 6 years, pretty much since I got connected to the internet. No, there was no late night game-fests in high school for me, no group of socially shunned pale white skinned peeps who were as obsessed with stats as with their dice collection. What can I say. I was deprived. And yes, I meant that. I would have loved to have discovered RP earlier than I did. I would have loved to have learned table-top or LARP. Unfortunatley, I am still a LARP virgin... Cherry anyone?
Oh that was bad..

Anyways, I love Vampire:tM, although I havent played it now for over a year, and almost always ended up playing a Brujah, Assamite or on the rare occassion, a Ravnos. Toreadors made me gag ;) . I adore Bastet, although I'm not very found of the W:tA standards by which Bastet is played. That could just be the peeps I've played it with, though.

I excel, and you can interpret this anyway you choose, at moderated free form. Moderated Chaos, as I like to call it. :) There are those that love it, there are those who snub it. All I know that if it is properly done, and run by a team, and I stress team, of competent, intelligent people, its a blast.

Currently, I do volunteer work for an Online International Role Playing Guild. I have several projects under development with them, which would get done, if I would quit RP-ing and do them. I was co-creator of a PBeM, that I am still rather proud of, although have no time to play online anymore. The only game I currently play in is one I also GM, and run admin for, by the name of Tazlure.

If anyone knows of any gaming groups or events in Central Ontario, especially in the Simcoe County area, Id be ever grateful. :)

I think this is a long enough rant, er introduction.. and probably the most wordy I'll ever get.. You can rest easy :)
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