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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Monday, September 24th, 2001
7:18p - I May As Well......
Introduce myself.
Hi, my name is freyjasgydhia and I'm a roleplayer...
I've been a role player for about 17 years...
I started on D&D and it got worse from there
Paranoia, Hole, Warhammer.....
Then Whitewolf came out...
I can't take it anymore!!!!
Well there you have it...
My favorite system is obviously WhiteWolf...
Vampire is my game...
I enjoy Mage and Werewolf to some extent
but Changeling does absolutely nothing for me
and I have never even considered trying out Wraith.
From what I hear it is ULTRA DEPRESSING.
I love to LARP at Sci-Fi Cons....
I also enjoy lighter roleplaying games too...
How many of you have ever heard of TOON?
Well that's about it...
Oh yeah.
I'm 32, and I live in Cols. Oh.
I think that covers everything now.
And I'm ex SCA.

current mood: depressed

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