September 19th, 2001


"You're Doing What?" issue 2 of, so far, 2

grah. this (especially the second one) reminded me I've been completely forgetting to do my weekly stupid story. I have an excuse! School is happening!

So, here's a particular event that, unfortunately, I did not witness, but did hear about.

The party of adventurers were wandering around a two-story building next to a freeway. Big freeway. Six-lane freeway. Surrounded by similar-height building - you know, industrial-area type setting.

Well, stuff goes down, big stuff, and they end up getting out of there. One person is up on the second story and, instead of making his way down to the first story and leaving the conventional way, declares he's jumping out the window.

"Okay. You jump out the window."
"Now I'm taking my grappling gun and grappling over to the building.
". . . the one across the street?"

Construct a mental image - two two-story buildings on either side of a SIX-LANE HIGHWAY. Can *you* figure out any physically possible way for the grappling hook to get to the other side *and* pull him up enough *before* he hits the ground?

I sure can't.

Needless to say, he hit the ground and took a good deal of damage.


I was skimming through Dragon magazine #288 today during school, and although I was quite joyous about having received map 2 of the Forgotten Realms, I was rather pissed to learn that "Song and Silence" isn't coming out until December.
I wanted to cross class before then.
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LJ V:tM game

I know I've mentioned it before, but I thought I would again, just incase you missed it the first time...

A V:tM game is being set up for anyone interested... more information can be found at the community game_on.

Hope to see you there!