September 13th, 2001

  • ahriman

On to other things...

Has any hear played/ran the Green Ronin D20 module "Death in Freeport"? Is it any good? I'm thinking of running the trilogy (Death, Terror, and Madness), mainly due to some of the reviews I've read, but I was wondering how good some of the people here thought they were.


I"m completely new to this...although I"m very curious. If anyone would like to "adopt" me and show me the ropes, I'd really appreciate it. Thanx.

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umm.. *waddles in* que?? er.. anyone know of a role play game that doesn't involve me spending money? i'm poor.. and i'm only 13. plus i'm not that devoted.. like.. anyone knows of furcadia? kinda like that. or something that DOES require devotion. i can do that.