September 12th, 2001


Life following fiction...

The whole WTC / Pentagon thing reminds me a lot of my friends Aberrant game.

At the end of last semester, in the last game he ran, one third of Monolith city (this game universe's equivalent of New York) and all of Silver Cove (town not too far away) got destroyed by a Japanese Terrorist Organization called the Dragons. Granted that the Dragons used a huge laser / magnifying system installed into a couple of buildings that had been destroyed way back in issue one, and the people who attacked the WTC used jets, but its still large-scale destruction being perpetrated by a terrorist organization who (presumably) is trying to start something.

I just thought that this was an interesting parallelism between the real world and the worlds that we try to expand to blank out this one.
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i know that no one probably cares to read anything non-terrorism related right now, but i just wrote this, because i needed something to do, and because there is (or might not be) a game that i want to play this in on saturday night, so just ignore it, if you're not in that kind of mood, and i won't hold it against you.

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