September 2nd, 2001


I just joined so I thought I'd say hi *waves* Anyone likes Exalted and wants to talk lots and lots about it then I'm always willing to :) Exalted good, as good as lots of shiny Artifacts and big bits of jade... :D
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Well, to put it lightly, the Celtic Festival rocked. I'm still hearing bag pipes and drums in my head. I dunno how to describe it, it was just fun. I bought a dagger and one of those puffy shirts, a bit on the expensive side, but quite worth it, I think. Unfortunately I missed the chicks throwing the cabers. My dad agreed when I said that those "ladies" probably had more testosterone than both of us combined. Scary.

I didn't wear sun block today, and luckily I didn't get burned to the point where it's painful, just a bit on the red side of the color spectrum.

Bah. I'd probably better get to bed.
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