September 1st, 2001



note to self: never botch a side-stepping [going to the umbra] role, even if you're a werewolf. werewolf nothing, that thing screwed me over like all hell. twas fun, though...i guess...

the "sick bastard" ST had just finished reading Wraith and decided to make my being trapped in the Gauntlet similar to, if not exactly like, a Harrowing. it was a horrific ordeal that psychologically scarred me in character, but OOC, i'm glad i didn't fail any willpower roles. if i did, i would permanently lose willpower, and if i lost all my health points to the fucking ananasi [which already wrapped me up in a coccoon-ish thing on the web...there was THE wyrm and a demonic-angel-ish thing there too, fighting over the rights to eat me], i would be shot back to the real world, with 1 permanent gnosis lost. and i only have 1 gnosis, being a philodox and not spending any points on it. so that would've screwed me over.

but luckily my theurge friend and her other theurge friend came in the gauntlet to try to rescue me. while my character was going through personal hell, i was having fun watching my buddy fight for his character's life, and badly i might add. his character the theurge would've died if the ST wouldn't have intervened and just succeeded the fucking kalindo manuever to kill the ananasi [wondering how she had kalindo? summoned ahroun ancestor spirit]. twas fun watching his character getting her ass WHOOPED, due to all the failures and botches...but in the end she came out barely alive and has 10 or so kickass battle scars now. *sigh* the moral of the story: don't botch a sidestepping role unless you wanna fuck over the storyteller to go off on a huge, life-threatening tangent in the gauntlet. or to have a lot of pressure and fun. *shrugs*
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Gaming Central?

I just found out that a lot of my FLGS (friendly local gaming store[s]) are going to be closing their real-world stores soon. Feh. No more being able to flip through new gaming books to see if I want to by them. (And far less impulse buying -- these stores wil be getting a lot less of my money!)

Does anyone know a good place on the web to just "browse" through the different games out there? Kinda like going through the shelves on a store, letting your eyes drift. Maybe with customer reviews and such?
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Big Damn Heros

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I've been selling off alot of my old gaming stuff. I have TONS of old crap.
I started gaming in 1979, and I've been a fanatic about buying stuff.
Fortunatly, Lynn over at Avalon Books will take just about ANYTHING in trade, and all of my stuff is in good condition. I sold all of my 1st Ed World of Darkness stuff, everything I had doubles of (more than I realized) dumb stupid games (like Synnibar) some cool games I'll never ever play (like Agone) and other assorted uselessness.
So what have I done with this finacial windfall?
I bought more Gamng!!!

Some of the suff I've picked up:

Deadlands d20, Horrors of the Old West, and Dead Presidents.
One of the greatest suprises of the new d20 system is how well it works with other settings. When I first heard that Pinnacle would be doing a d20 version of Deadlands, I didn't think it would be very good. I didn't think the d20 system could do justice to the Deadlands setting. I was wrong! I think that this is my favorite d20 setting so far! They did a great job!

Weird Wars
Also by Pinnacle, another cool use of the d20 system. I can't wait to see what else they do with this setting!

Sovereign Stone d20.
I have the original Sovereign Stone, as was quite pleased with the system they had. Alas, that system is no more, but they have done a fantastic job bringing their world into the d20 system. The character classes are very cool, and most will work very well in any DnD game. They pretty much kept the original Sovereign Stone magic system, one that works suprisingly well in the d20 system. At low levels, Elemental Mages blow Wizards and Sorcerers away, but at higher levels, they are not quite as tough. I thought that the Soldier Class was a bit of a waste, and I'm not sure about the Salior class. Not one of the Sailor's special abilities relates to sailing. You could run a Sailor with no skill levels in anything even remotely sailing related. The class is more of a Swashbuckling Rogue. The Stalker is a cool sort of Bounty Hunter. One part Rogue, one part Ranger, this is a class I'll use in my DnD game. I'm also going to use the Archer.
The truth is, they didn't really NEED to make all of these specialized varients of the Fighter, but for the most part, they did a good job with them, and thats good enough for me.</blockquote>

Sorcerer, published by Adept Press
Wow. I bought something that was NOT d20! This is a very cool game about people who know how to summon, bind, and command demons. From the back cover:
They are driven people, willing to break the most fundamental laws of reality to achieve their goals. But demons are dangerous, transgressive beings, who demand a Price for the power they lend...
Your character commands unimaginable, horrific power with a mind of it's own. Can you handle it?

A very simple game system drives a remarkably deep game. This is a game about role playing. I'm not quite sure how this will play, but I have very high hopes. Details of the game world are left entierly to the GM, though they do sell PDF mini supplements at the web site fleshing out various visions of a Sorcerer world. They range in price from $4-$6.
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I'm going to the Scottish games tomorrow! w00t. I'm hoping to pick up some items to use in my DnD costume that I've been planning out for a while (cloak, shirt, dagger, breeches, etc.). Now I'd better get these cds burned and get to bed.
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