August 30th, 2001



(This is a journal that I use to make IC posts relating to a WoD character I play on Charleston by Night. You're welcome to read and make comments OOC.

A little bit about Lethe can be found on her website ( but I'll give y'all a brief synopsis. Lethe is a Euthanatos who awakened just before the "week of nightmares" that heralded all the 3rd edition WW stuff. She's largely untrained and fairly chaotic in nature. A lot of the jounral entries in that journal are person IC stuff that happened in the course of gameplay but they are, by no means, the totality of the character. She "writes" about what she can't understand so there are "emotional" posts there as well as other types. This journal would NOT be online in "game play" so IC comments will be ignored. :) Enjoy)
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