August 27th, 2001

Manual of the Planes

Bought it a few days ago, finally had the chance to read it.

I'm quite impressed, actually. It's extremely well written--possibly the best written 3rd edition book to date. It manages to retain some of the flavor of the best of the 1st edition stuff, too--no surprise, since Jeff Grubb wrote the 1st Manual of the Planes.

The content is an excellent mix of the planes we're all familiar with, and suggestions for changing them or making new ones. This isn't just a list of places, it's an examination of what makes a cosmology work.

I'm not going to say it's flawless, of course. And I'd have liked to see more of certain concepts (like what are the ancient Baatorians, for instance?). But overall, I think this is the first D&D3 book since the core rules that is actually worth the cover price. (And it's a lot thicker than, say, the Psionics Book, which was also damn good but not worth the cost.)

BTW, on a completely different note. I didn't follow the plots of Planescape all the way through 2nd edition, though I'm familiar with the basics of the setting. At what point was Anthraxus replaced as the Oinaloth, and how? Can anyone tell me? Just curious.
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Went and played more D&D 3rd ed. yesterday... I'm really enjoying a barbarian character. I've always done the halfelf rogue/bard thing before, and I like the human barbarian character so much more. It's easier for me to get into... I guess I'm just a hack n' slash gal at heart!
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LiveJournal game

I'm in the process in setting up a play-by-livejournal V:tM game, to be STed by a friend of mine.

The community won't actually be set up until LiveJournal is taking new users, as it's not at the moment, but if you'd like to join, let me know and start thinking about a character.

*Note from the ST*
Combat is one of the lower priorities. This will be politically, character-morally heavy. politics & Character development will rate very very high. Combat, maybe 7th on the list.
Poetic liscense will be taken with city planning.
Character creation will be extremely strict, game mechanics (rolling etc) won't be.
If we get more than 10 playes, independants will be allowed, otherwise, we're a Cam game.

Any more specific questions can be left with me, and will be answered ASAP.