August 26th, 2001


Exalted Question

So who feels like explaining to me the difference between the Brawl charms Crashing Wave Throw and Heaven Thunder Hammer? Other than Essence costs and the fact that one is Simple while the other is Supplemental. Maybe I'm just dense, but they read like the same freakin' thing to me.

(I already downloaded the Errata. It's not on there.)

(no subject)

I was wondering...what do you need to start playing GURPS.
I have a printed copy of GURPS i really need the core rule books or can i use LITE, a sourcebook, and some ingenuity.

(no subject)

Today was pretty groovy, since we had a DnD game out at the Paladin's. We waxed a bunch of goblins and hobgoblins, made "peace" with each other (all of us, including the Paladin), and we (mainly 'The Talented "Mr. Underhill"') are now in command of a legion of 17 Kobolds (plus 21 non-combatants, plus Mix-Mastuh Meeps and the Kobold queen). We're currently headed up to these ice mountains looking for their white dragon.

Oh yeah, I just got my issue of Dragon magazine today. The best part - Part 1 of 4 of the world map of the Forgotten Realms. It's very 1337. I'm making space on my wall to hang all 4 up. Again, it's 1337! 1337ness I say!