August 24th, 2001

Arbor ancien

(no subject)

I have recently created a community for written roleplay, if anybody is interested. It's called textrp. The bio/basic point of the community is as follows:

"This community is for written roleplaying, spanning just about all gaming systems. Characters are welcome from medieval systems like D&D, modern such as Vampire: The Masquerade, And the futuristic Mech or Star Wars type universes.

"Please being by posting a brief description of your character nearing/entering The Tavern, the main homebase, for the first time. Give as much or as little history as you want, but please don't skimp on your description!

"For all intents and purposes, my character is the god. I hate when PCs god-mode, and will not hesitate to remove anyone from the community who abuses this diceless form of playing. Please keep you characters reasonable in their scope and skills. I don't want to have to kick anybody... :)

"Other areas nearby the Tavern include the Sandy Cove, Roundel's Hill, the Rocky Grotto, the Brindle Wood, and Kurac'ko's Keep. We can add more as we develop the roleplay."

We've already got some members who have intro'd their characters and starting to interact, and I encourage everybody who's interested in a written freeform roleplay or a new forum in which to explore character ideas you can't or won't introduce elsewhere to join up. *smile*