August 20th, 2001

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Mage:The Ascension -- Guide to the Traditions

Sometimes I feel like such a geek... I found a little bit of money yesterday, so I went out and bought White Wolf's "Guide to the Traditions" for Mage: The Ascension. Went to three stores, and the first two (mainstream stores) didn't have it in. The third did.

All in all, it's a well put together book. I'm about a third of the way through it, I admit I was expecting something like the "Guide to the Technocracy" with profiles on each tradition, etc. I expected it to be an alternative to buying all the splat-books. It ain't nothing like that.

There are articles on what the hell a paradigm really is, a quick and dirty paradigm generator,, notes on tradition factions, intermixing, resonance, new backgrounds, the structure of the Council of Nine, Adversarial (counter-) backgrounds, yet another revised history of magic, some new rotes, and more.

More than anything it's a loosely organized hodge-podge of articles, and all in all, it's actually kind of rekindled my interest In Mage. It's not going to stop me from playing WitchCraft or Conspiracy X, but it'll probably bring me back to playing Mage again.
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Well, I am new. Hi. lol, not sure exactly what to put here yet. I am gonna read more entries but uhm, hi again.

I'm [Unknown LJ tag] pleasure to be apart of this roleplayers community.

my characters are ; Leilia Rathral , Tara McRaven and a few others.