August 17th, 2001


another rpg made my by buddy

he calls it "Esoteria." essentially he says that this one will actually be longer-lasting than his previous effort, Epoch. it's still going on now, but i'm not as excited in it. what he told me was bsacially that Epoch was more of a one-shot, and the game itself was made for the story. all long-lasting rpgs i know of have stories made for the game, so the game prevails as a vessel for creative fiction.

Demon: The Fallen

Demon: The Fallen
$29.95, December 2001
Catalog Number: WW8200

"Its always been you against the world. No one shares your hunger. No one knows your pain. No one feels the terror or the rage that burns within you. No one ever listens and no one ever will. Youre just a face in the crowd, a victim like all the rest. What would you give to change it all? Demon: The Fallen opens the next seal toward Armageddon; the souls of the tormented are forfeit and a new kind of character emerges in the World of Darkness. Now is your chance to play one of the fallen a mortal who pays the ultimate price for powers no man was ever meant to have. Demon is a core rulebook with all the information you need to play the game. Is there redemption after the fall?"

Although we'd like to think that Demon: The Fallen is a joke, everyone at White Wolf that I've spoken to will only say this - "a game by the name of Demon: The Fallen will not be released in 2001." Alliance Games has it listed in their catalog along with Demon: The Fallen Dice. I know what you're thinking, because it's what I am thinking to. "The World of Darkness ill needs another type of supernatural creature."
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