August 16th, 2001



Okay, so far I only have one complaint about Exalted. White Wolf needs to hire a fucking proofreader. Like... now. Admittedly, the problem seems to be lessening the further I get into the book, but the first chapter or two are just atrocious. Yes, they are all minor errors, tense changes or word replacements that spellcheck doesn't catch, but I am finding them quite literally on every other page.

Yes, people, we don't let spellcheck do our work for us, mmkay? It makes you look unprofessional and your products look shoddy.
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Mkay. so i just started a Legend of the 5 Rings Campaign, and was wondering, how many of ya others have played it,, if so what are your impressions..

for myself i think it is a damn good system, specifically because combat is so bleedingly lethal. never have i played a system where i have been that close to death after one attack.

anyone have cool campaign stories.

Plotting evil deeds, once again

Due to the fact that 1) Our Paladin is an idiot, 2) I hate Paladins (Jarvien, that is), and 3) Our Palain is currently out of commission, the Necromancer ('The Talented "Mr. Underhill"') and I, Jarvien the Silent, have thought up many evil plans for him. First of all, because he was locked up by the Kobolds, we decided to loot him of his belongings and either utilize them, or sell them (he has many different potions, Spider Climb, Protection from Cold, etc., for unknown reasons), we're also planning on relieving him of his garments until he agrees to either a) burn down the house of the Lord that we robbed who sent his gimps after us (we do, of course, understand the consequences involved, that's why we're doing this), or b) agree to be our slave.
Very good times indeed.
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