August 13th, 2001


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Hi, I've been reading this community for a few months now, rad place.

I'm currently in a DnD 3E campaign, as well as an old school Star Wars game. Good stuff, that Star Wars. What I'm posting about here is integrating the character points system into DnD.

Now, for those who've played Star Wars, there's what I think is called force points [?] which are used to increase skills and (May be just our game...) increase rolls in game (Such as, when you are with 3 dice of skill, you can use a force point and increase it to effectively 4 dice skill.).

I thought it was a great idea.

So I proposed it to DnD GM. He was like, "Yeah man, that is an OK idea. You are a moron though." Asked about it later, he said, "Maybe, I have to think about it." Knowing this kid, he'll probably say it would make us too powerful, but here's the way I described the system to him.

"At the start of the campaign, you're presented with five character points. They can be used in any instance, those of which you are trying harder to achieve a goal. They can be used for skill checks and attack rolls. In addition to the d20 that you'll use, you will also get a d6. Should the player get a six, the d6 is rerolled, and the final sum is added to the d20 roll. Each time you decide to use this, one character point is taken away, and you're left kind of tired. Every session (Maybe every other session.), we get one more character point. So how about it?"

Reason for posting here? I'm looking to see if anyone's possibly merged something like this into their campaigns, and if it worked well.

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Play-by-Post Fantasy Role-Playing

I was thinking of starting a fantasy genre play-by-post role-playing game on a message board of mine. It would be using a simply system of my own. I was wondering if anyone here would be interested? If you have questions or are interested reply to this post.