July 31st, 2001


Some recent events in my D+D campaign

All of my players are great except one guy. He complains about many things:

-He whines that he gets -6 turn undead even though I have repeatedly told the group that my campaign world is more laden with evil than most
-He feels I should use the 4d6 8 times dropping the lowest character rolling system
-He once complained that there's not enough roleplaying in my campaign, though that is bunk. He actually gets bored between combats while the rest of the players are happily talking to NPCs
-He is currently whining about his character losing his paladin status. His character, angry that another character was elected leader of the group, abandoned his comrades who are with a group of soldiers being besieged by the undead legion. He tried to justify this by saying that his character felt he needed to do good elsewhere, Of course, I didn't buy it.

Anyways, I'm sure that at least a few DMs/storytellers can identify with me. I really hate whiners. I work hard designing these adventures and I have seven people come into my house every week. What the hell gives him the right to complain? Does he think it's easy to run a game?

"You're Doing What?" issue 1 of probably just 1, but you never know

I'm sure every GM has a player that they love to hate - the kind of person who argues when you tell him where he gets shot, or insists that he has more hands than he used to, or changes his character sheet in the middle of a game. (Not something like "wait, wait, I just realized that he wouldn't take chemistry, he considers it boring", but something like "ooh, I want to be a mage! (erase) (scribble)")

So I've decided to collect stories of mine and my friends about Players Who Do Interesting Things. Not just things that make the GM go "no, you can't do that", but things that make the GM go "ummm, what?" and realize that he needs to do some fast improv. I'm going to try for one a week unless I get distracted or run out of stories :) Comments welcome - anyone think this is a good idea, or wish I'd just shut up and get off the list? :P

In an attempt to fail to flood people's friends lists, I'll put the bulk of this issue after a break.

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Exalted Review

So, after recieving some unexpected money, I picked up a limited copy of WW's _Exalted. Now, I am unsure if it's worth $70, but it is definitely worth the $35-45 that the unlimited copy will cost. It is a lovely game. It is optimistic, if you like that sort of thing, or dark, if you like the traditional sort of game. They revamped the ability tables to portray the fact that certain castes (the five different types of solar Exalted you can play) are inherently better at certain different types of things. It is different from what WW players are used to, but still easy to use. The magic system seems to be very easy to use, and it is blocked out so that it is difficult to get to the highest levels, but it is worth it to get there. Or even not to get there.

The book is chock-full of world-building stuff, the types of people in the world, the politics of the situation, etc. It is most assuredly a fantasy world, and it is a lovely one. There is probably as much room for neat stuff in here as in Greyhawk. I like what they've done with the were-creatures (who aren't really) and the fae (who are far more interesting here than they ever were in _Changeling_, IHMO.)

Don't buy the chargen CD. It is a demo/beta, which they acknowledge, but still, one would think you would be able to correct mistakes.

Damage is still bashing, lethal, agg, but you have multiple slots in which you can take damage (similar to the _Arrowflight_ system, see http://www.deep7.com/) and not increase the penalty.

And they will be coming out not only with caste books, but with books of (probably) similar size to their other _Guide to the..._ books for the other types of Exalted (for people who want to play Terrestrial, Abyssal, Lunar, and (my fave) Siderial Exalted.

I like it. I'm pleased that I bought it. And isn't that the important part?
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