July 29th, 2001


Alternity Question

How do you act pessimistic? Lately, there have been disagreements between the GM and a few of our players on how my character should play her attribute, "pessimistic." While many of my fellow players think that I play it quite well, our GM insists that my character is depressing rather than pessimistic. How do you define pessimistic? I've based the way I play this character on many pessimists I know, always believing that our missions are going to fail or as a mechanic, that the car has been poorly maintained and is going to break down, or that the gunbattle we are engaged in will inevitably end in the death of one or more of our group. My character goes reluctantly on missions with the other characters, but not without a lot of commentary about how it will never work out. Anyway... I would really appreciate some tips on how to act... pessimitic in the eyes of our darling GM.