July 20th, 2001


Anybody out there have Clanbook Gangrel Revised? I was thinking of picking it up today after work, and I was wondering if the new clan books were any good.
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A hello from a new community member

Hello all. My name's Mike, and being a fairly recent inductee into LJ, it took me a while to find out where all the gamers were at.

Just a little about myself and my history with gaming: Been doing this stuff since I was 12 (so that's... yikes, almost 14 years). Started out with D&D and Top Secret, moved on to AD&D1 (for only a few months because AD&D2 came out just around the time I started playing). Did AD&D2 all through high school: three campaigns, one in Greyhawk, two in the Realms. Strangely, I didn't play a whole lot in college, mostly on breaks with my old group, but I found some players my junior year who inducted me into all sorts of new games: Call of Cthulhu, Star Trek FASA, Feng Shui, and some more AD&D2!

Took a year off and worked after I graduated college, and then went to Toronto for a year for grad school where I discovered White Wolf. Mage first, but soon afterwards Vampire and Changeling, Werewolf and Wraith more peripherally. I also played Delta Green/Call of Cthulhu periodically in Canada. Picked up Unknown Armies at this point, too, and fell in love with it.

I came back to Boston (my hometown) and found some new players along with a buddy of mine from high school, and ran a Planescape game (my last AD&D2 campaign), Mage: 1890s and Vampire: Dark Ages mini-campaigns, and countless one-shots. I also started an irc Changeling game set in modern-day Tucson which is still going strong.

Now I'm in Illinois and running a Dragonlance 3E game (my first D&D3 campaign) and looking desperately for another tabletop group so I can run either a Delta Green game, Forgotten Realms 3E campaign, or something completely different. I also recently started a Mage/Changeling play-by-email game set in Renaissance Florence.

Whew. That's it. Oh yeah, I also play GURPS, but reluctantly. :)

Hope to be seeing you folks around! I see lots of people post adventure summaries, maybe I'll do this myself. Till then, check out the websites above for info on some of my previous games.

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Tips on Setites

I've been playing a V:TM LARP for the last seven months, and just recently joined another one, where I will be playing a Setite (Follower of Set).

As a habitual Tremere player (The characters that I have had in the other game I play have all been Tremere), this will be a new experience.

Any tips on Setites, the Setite mindset, etc.?
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