July 19th, 2001


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Hi, I'm new here....

I've decided to try out Vampire by playing in the larp at my local store. I was once told that I'd make a wonderful ravnos vampire, so I'm gonna play as one. Can anyone give me advice/tips/info on the ravnos?
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in my experience, which is fairly good, i think, i have found that all roleplaying systems truly differ on only one point - combat.

character creation in most systems is exactly the same - you set up your attributes, usually on a point-based system, rarely on a dice roll system, then choose skills which come from a pool of points which is preset, determined by your int, or just randomly rolled up, then you get to choose merits and flaws, usually from the same pool as skills, then you pick your special powers, if any, from a predetermined list of special powers.

all in all, character creation is pretty darn homogenous throughout the roleplaying world, in my opinion.

nextly, you have the actually roleplaying aspect of the game. this, in most all aspects, is exactly the same. a lot of free-form, a few skill rolls every now and again, and basically just having fun until you have to get into combat.

combat is the only area which i've found that differs, because of one thing and one thing alone - the complexity. combat systems are very hard to map onto another combat system because they are amazingly complex with rules for ramming, for hitting with melee weapons, for hitting with missile weapons, and, the most complex of all, using special powers in combat.

so basically, the system you choose is irrelevant when it comes to setting, really. you can make a good setting in gurps, or fuzion, or d&d, or whatever, but the real deciding factor, for me, whether a system works or not is the combat.
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Dunno how many people play V:TES (you know, the game formerly known as Jyhad), and if you don't, well you may as well skip this post, but...

Today I ran across this new posting over at w-w.com, and lemme just say I nearly shat a brick...

Baali, Gargoyles, and True Brujah in a freakin' card game? Things that shouldn't even exist in the table-top Vampire system, let alone the LARP system... And now they're in the card game?!? I have a feeling that either the game is doomed to die already so White Wolf is going out with a bang; or the game is going to die because of this. Sheesh...