July 9th, 2001


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<p . align=justify>I am obviously a new member. That said, I'd like to introduce myself; I am Brandon. I enjoy the various forms of role-playing currently available to the public. In case any of you use AOL, I am enslaved to the horrid, faceless mechanism that currently is 'FFRP', an acronym for the vaguely titled "Final Fantasy Role-Playing." While I feel that it's worth the price of unlimited AOL access ($22), that could be because I am an addict. I look forward to future discussions that I might encounter here.
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New member...

Hello. Found this off someone's interests. I've been playing in a round robin style PBEM called MutantMansion for awhile. Actually for about a year I owned it, and then burned out and handed it off to someone new. Now I'm trying to write up my own universe using the same format to run using dhalgren, The Stand, Friday, and I Who Have Never Known Men as the sort of guides to my madness. Any hints to give?