July 7th, 2001


help for my werewolf character

so i'm joining a werewolf-concentrated chronicle, and i actually got a concept i like. its in L.A., and i'm a homid philodox silver fang gang leader. ok with that? now, onto my other problems:

1. would primal urge 2 make sense? should it be more or less?
2. which fetish is better [suggestions appreciated]: magic protection-granting scapular, or sunglasses that see extent of wyrm-taint in objects and people? i'm a "gangsta," so no mystical stuff with runes, glyphs, and native american enchantings...then again, my character is half-hispanic--oh, but he's raised Christian. hmph. yeah, and no spears, bows, or swords.
3. i don't have the manual, so i don't know the gift options. can anyone please help? philodox, homid, silver fang level1 gifts, of course.
have a nice ___

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