July 5th, 2001



i know that most people here are tabletop RPers, but for those mu*ers out there, Electricsoup is still up and alive, and with new content.

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The New LARPer.

Ok probably the biggest question about LARPing I hear is what to do with new people. what should new people new, and how to intigrate them into an ongoing game. I started LARPing about 6-7 years ago, I had never played any type of role-playing game before, knew nothing about what was going on and my only help from the STs was "You're a werewolf so go kill shit." Needless to say I'd like to hope other people get an easier welcome than I. So I've come up with a little guide to helping new people adjust for the STs, new players themselves, and the old players that are already there and adjusted.

STs-Take some time and talk to the new guy one on one. Get an idea of their character idea or help them create one if they don't already have it. Encourage them to join a clan/tribe/whatever that's got good role players in it so that they can look at some examples of what a good player should be. Walk em through character creation all the while helping them flesh out their character. If they have a good idea of what the character is suppose to be then they can portray it better. Don't try to make em feel special by giving them anything "special" like an NPC, super rare something or another, or anything else you wouldn't normally hand out to any Joe Smoe player.

New Players-Odds are you didn't just invite yourself. Very few people walk into something they've never done before filled with total strangers all by themselves. Course if you did just walk in off the street and decided "Hey I think I'll learn to LARP" God bless ya cause you got guts. Find whoever it is that invited you and stick to em so they can walk ya through your first few games. Failing that find a player who looks pretty cool and ask em before game if they'd kinda help ya out. Try not to be nervous or shy. There really aren't many ways a new player can screw up cause frankly they likely don't know the rules to break. Just don't lie about what's on your sheet, use information your character doesn't know(if there's a question to whether they know it then the answer is NO), or do anything just incredibly stupid like pull down your pants and run around out of character waving Mr. Happy n everybodies face(mind you ladies if you want to run around topless I say go for it.) Just relax and remember if people don't like you........it aint personal they probably don't know YOU and are just being asses to your character.

Current Players: It's pretty obvious that you run the game. Oh the STs try to look important but without you they'd just be a bunch of people in a room all by themselves right? LOL. When you see a new face in the game walk up and introduce yourself both in character and out. Don't give me any of that "Well my character doesn't know them" or "I don't associate with____" shit cause hey it's just cold as hell to leave a new kid out to dry with nobody to interact with. I don't care if it is violating your characters persona you remember your first game and I bet you're damn glad somebody gave you the what's up. So go return the favor. Even the most prime and proper Toreador can find a reason to atleast say hello to that new Nosferatu over there. Find out who they are, what they do, and if you can incorporate them in any of your current plotlines. That way they got something to do other than stand there and look all goofy and bored. A good rule of thumb is NOT to start throwing the Physical Challenges or complex Disciplines at anybody their first 4 games. Let em get an idea of what's going on before you give em more practice making new characters.

Now I don't know a game in the world that's not always happy to have new people. I mean really have you ever had to turn somebody away cause you were to full? Even if ya got a couple hundred people 1 more isn't gonna hurt. Make sure you take time to cultivate that new player and make em feel welcome. Don't scare em off cause off. Be patient and helpful with em and any chronicle will be all the happier.