June 29th, 2001



The Roleplaying community now has 200 members! Hee hee. I started this last year and never thought we'd have so many people on it. I thought we'd be lucky to get 20. I'm very pleased by all this. Oh, let me know of any interests you think I should add to our communities interest list so we can make our community larger than Nakedparts!

Thanks guys! This is neat. :)


What does one say to game master whose stated desire of play differs radically from the style which they actually adapt?

I'm currently involved in 2 (sort of 3) Vampire: The Masquerade run by two different GM's. While they each have unique and different takes on the game, they both agree on certain points. The games should not be "mission based" but instead flow from the characters and their interactions with the world. Combat should be kept to a minimum. All NPS shouldn't always treat the PC's as schmuch as pieces of shit. There shouls be mystery and invenstigation, not only socially but physically as well.

Now, they both bitch about each others game. Both of them are running games that are mission based, combat heavy, with little player freedom or sense to the game as a whole.

I keep wanting to slap them in the face whenever they bitch about the games. Any advice?
Alec Ross JLA

Dune RPG

Hurrah I have a copy of the Dune RPG due (cost me a lot of money but ...)

I had a cheaper copy but the seller was being a prat after advertising it internationaly he only wanted US bidders and then got abusive when I criticised him for it go figure

Anyway the point is I'll run off copies in pdf format when I get it through for them that wants them (as per previous offer.)

If anyones feeling flush contributions towards the cost of $5 for the pdf would be welcome
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