June 24th, 2001


Hey. I'm Claire. I'm from Seattle and, while I'm not an avid RPer, I love the stuff and want to get back in it (with people who won't scare the stuffing out of me).

I like Rifts (anything at all Palladium, really), AD&D, and I used to play in Vampire: The Masquerade in Seattle, but I had to take a break.

Have a good one.
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This is something that crossed my desk, thought I would share.

This is not my game, but I thought it might interest people and we might make a showing at it or something. Who knows, perhaps Seattle could have a decent LARP. Stranger things have happened. Of course, the mentioning of the True Brujah make that... unlikely.


----------Message begins-----------

to those who might be interested; i am starting a LARP in seattle,based on TableTop rules(as i find too many problems with MET rules),and am looking for players;the game is intended to focus more on role-playing and character interaction than rules and game statistics(although some of that IS unavoidable),and the first game is scheduled tentatively for July 7th(saturday); if anyone is interested,please contact me at thinbloods@hotmail.com.

below are the character creation rules(i've tweaked them to fit MY house rules) make a character according to starting character Table-Top stats,with these things in mind...no stat above 3 before freebie points,and you can have a 4 in something only if that's the focus of a character's life and unlife;any other stat with a 4 should be related to the first one...and NOTHING at a 5.Characters start out at Thirteenth Generation,and can be bought down to 10th,but no lower;you can also play plain-jane mortal retainers or servants,Ghouls,and 14th,15th,and Dhampir characters,as long as they have some tie-in to vampires..any other questions,just ask.

Clans that you can play:
Gangrel(although the clan as a whole has officially seceded
from the Camarilla,individual Gangrel still reside
in Camarilla jurisdiction,and are welcome in anarch
cities as well)
Giovanni(if it's justifiable;we'd need a good explanation)
Assamite(one will be allowed)
Ravnos(one will be allowed)
Setite(if they are masquerading or a good explanation is
Lasombra*antitribue*(one would be allowed)
Daughters of Cacophony
True Brujah
Ghouls(have some connection with vampires)
Dhampires(have some connection with vampires)

Rules changes(we're using customized tabletop rules,not MET): Fortitude is automatic for non-agg damage. Celerity requires you to spend a blood point for each round of use,and all of the Celerity actions take place on the same turn;Celerity also takes place on the initiative turn,NOT at the end of the round. True Faith:it's a Merit,not Numina,and you must have a humanity of 8 to have it. no dodge against firearms if you don't get the initiative. no dodge against brawling attacks if you don't have formal training(boxing,tai'chi,kendo,etc) Physical stats can be pumped up to one above generational maximum,no more than that. vampires do not regenerate body parts;if you get an arm blown off,you either hold the arm to the wound and heal it or you lose the arm. Initiative is rolled using your wits+alertness,NOT wits+dexterity,so make sure you take some alertness... we are using an amalgam of second and third edition rules,so ask about any discrepancies you wonder about... any more questions??please get a hold of me at the above email address,and if you know of any other players who would be interested,please have them contact me...thanks!!

David Mitchell ST