June 21st, 2001


Mwaha. I've actually been a part of this community for a while, but this is my first time posting. ^.^ Ah well. I am doing it!

I don't know if admitting that I am only an online RPer on AOL will get me hated or adored by some or all, but ... heh, welp. I suppose I might as well pop those interests out! Ooh, and while looking through this, I mainly see D&D and WW, so ... hehe, how many fellow AOL peoples out there? -bright smile-

Ooh, I actually have a question ... can anyone offer me any information on "demons" or Infernalists (WW style)?? I really need all the information I can get, generally, and it's hard to find! It'd be a bigbigbig help, thankies!
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For Sale: In Nomine Limited Edition Black Hardcover

I'm out of work and money is tight, so I'm selling some stuff on eBay.. I'm selling the super-mega-ultra-rare In Nomine Black Limited Edition Hardcover.

Wish me luck. If this item sells well, I've got some more In Nomine & RPG books to sell.
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