June 20th, 2001

Ten Things I Never Want to Hear in a LARP

10. "He was the product of a mixed embrace, so he gets all six of these disciplines..."
9. "My name is Caine/Kane/Cain/Kain/Kaen/Cane."
8. "This Malkavian loves stuffed animals."
7. "I'm going to use Summon on him at noon tomorrow."
6. "His name is Marcus Vincent Montrose."
5. "One sword is unrefined iron, the other is silver."
4. "I never drink...wine."
3. "Why am I killing this guy? 'Cuz I can, I guess."
2. "I got a copy of the new live-action Hunter: The Reckoning!"
1. "My name is Serpentor, you fools, and I come at Set's behest!"
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I'm three!


*grin* Hi... I'm new here.

I play OWBN V:TM LARP. Hehehe, Giovanni right now. I'm going to be in an all girl D&D game soon too. Fun fun fun!! Oh, and a Mage LARP.

So... yeah.... hi!
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