June 17th, 2001

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Call out to fellow GM's....

Okay... I'm running a medieval fantasy world, and often my players are unable to game until late... One of my gamers can barely exist past midnight, so it's important we get started quickly, and everyone get into character.

Is there anything I can do to help get everyone in character quickly at the beginning of each session? I've just started (at tonight's session) having each player make a 'journal entry' of what happened that adventure, summed up in a paragraph or two, as written by their character. I figure this will help them both to get into character more quickly at the beginning of the next session, but may also aid in them remembering their goals and what they have already accomplished.

Any other tips as to how to help them get in character faster, or to help them dig deeper into their character's brain would be very appreciated.
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Posting while Eric's getting me tacos. And tacos I deserve. I'm DMing Nathan (from Rifts originally) and the campaign has just taken a U-turn back to Nightbane. And I'm loving it! *grin*
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