June 6th, 2001

Only if they've REALLY learned their lesson...

From the Dark Horizons web page:

Dungeons & Dragons 2: You've heard the fantasy film is to get a sequel, now dungeons-and-dragons.de found an interview with Courtney Solomon in the latest issue of German RPG mag Nautilus in which he talks the film's spinoffs. There's BOTH a TV series and second movie on the way, the show will focus on different characters to the film and "will be set in many different of the existent D&D-Worlds like Forgotten Realms and Krynn". The second film though "will show the great war, when all clerics get killed by the mages. It will show more about the backgrounds of Profion and Ridley. It will not any longer be set in Izmer. The characters will travel to another world. One of the highlights will be a dwarfen-city under the mountains".

Now, as we all know, the first D&D movie sucked ass. So I don't hold out much hope for the sequel, unless everybody involved makes some serious changes in both the style and tone of their work. The TV show might be interesting, since it involves different people and TV has diferent production values...

I'm hoping. It'd be great to have some real fantasy on TV. (And no, Xena does not count.)

But I'm not gonna bet the farm on it...
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Just another introduction

Hello! I'm a female gamer, 23->24. I started with D&D 2nd ed and V:tM, oh, about four years ago. Right now, my current favorite games include _Heroes Unlimited_ (for the game I'm in, not the system), _Castle Falkenstein_, _GURPS IOU_, and (if you couldn't guess) _M:tA_.
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Can someone tell me what L5R?
My friend talks about it and I have no clue wht its about.

Oh and how much is a wardog? I can't fing my DM's or players guide.
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Mage LARP.

Alright every other Saturday I playin a local Mage LARP and I'm still undecided on the whole thing. For one it's harder than any other system. You got no nifty little thing like the Mist or Delirium to cover your ass and if you are seen being all spooky with your powers you're making a new character soon. Mages are glorified mortals but that's also what makes it cool. The fact that you have to think like a mortal(which you are anyway) and solve your problems like that.

Is there anyone else out there playing in an all Mage LARP that can sheed a little insight on their thougths of it? I like the one I play in but I can see how it could go horribly wrong too.


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