June 5th, 2001

Alec Ross JLA

Stupid Player Deaths

Was talking with an old friend Gary and we got talking about his game as he was slagging the players off for a hairbrained scheme that resulted in the deaths of several.

I was forced to remind him of a death in Call of Cthulhu that happened to him.

Gary had the big magic item of the game and his character who had obviously read Lord of the rings once too often decides he needs to drop it into a sinkhole in a cave near where he found it (this is not the case I'd never said it was and there's no indication it's the case).

So without telling the rest of the party he sneaks out at night and hears for the cave used at certain times by cultists but otherwise just a cave which he's been to 3 or 4 times during the day unmolested.

He see's people heading into the cave and at the end see's some armed heavies go in last obviously guards.

Not detered Gary see's this as an oppotunity to enhance his sneak skill.

So he sneaks into the cave (his skills about 40%)
He sneaks past the first set of guards.

He makes a noise (accidently) guards coem to investigate

He scrambles into an alcove where he's semi hidden
He deliberately makes another noise and shots ring out all missing
He then flicks on his cigarette lighter so he can see where the guards are.

The guards shoot at the light
Gary dies
Gary claims I was unfair in killing him.