June 4th, 2001

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Just attended DieCon this weekend, in Collinsville, Illinois. I played the worst game of Vamp I've ever played in my life, played a fun game called Starmada (and won!), and got to playtest a new game.

I also picked up a cheap Malkie pin, the old huge rosed ankh, a "kill counter", and some very cool daggers. OH, and a copy of In Nomine, which looks very good. (Yes, I spent too much!!)

(Woohoo for me!) ;o)

Anyone else go?
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Received in a forward. FYI:

"Please to all of you who remember the show "Kindred: the Embraced" please
send email to these addresses to see if we can get it back on the air. Write
them and tell them that you want the show brought back. Please forward this
message to any others that you think might want to see "Kindred: the
Embraced" back on TV.


info@viacom.com <mailto:info@viacom.com>
askfox@foxinc.com <mailto:askfox@foxinc.com>"

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Man i am downloading a online game The Fourth Coming and i am so annoyed it is gonna take 12 hours ;( it better be damn kew oh and by the way this is my first day in roleplayers so bow anyhow must leave the computer ;) wave
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