June 1st, 2001


irc-ing, etc.

i'm very interested in playing with some good people... anyone interested in pulling together an IRC channel or something?

i'd also be cool with just rp-ing bluebook style through livejournals. the private and friends posting modes would make this way easier than it usually is. let me know if you're interested.

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I think to some degree roleplayers have been fooled by the hype. The mainstream says that we are pasty geeks who roll a lot of dice and live this stupid unsanity lifestyle where we all just pretend to be other people, and it is a waste of our lives and money.

I guess there might be some truth in it, but look at it this way: the art of storytelling is ancient, probably one of the first arts that there is -- about the time we started painting on cave walls, we started having an imagination and someone around a fire began telling stories. Eventually, this became theater too -- where a troupe of people got together to act out a story or script.

However, even with improv, even with theater & storytellign of Shakespeare or Homer's time, where the audience would heckle and cheer and thus clue the players in to find out "what was working" -- if you talk about the Gods having torrid love affairs, and the crowd starts hooting and hollering, you learn to exploit that -- there was still a dividimg line between storytellers and audience. Maybe at its best, it became truly interactive.

Now most entertainment is passive. You watch, it does its thing. You don't change it. And the real storytelling is relegated to "Its just a game geeks play."

Sad, but we must embrace what we have as an art. If all we do in a game is hack and slash ogres if everyone has a good time, then that's fine and good. Yet sometimes, something meaningful happens, something almost... dare I say it... real. And we shouldn't allow that to be pigeonholed by the world into being meaningless.
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in response to the response...

i've gotten 3 solid yay's on the online rp idea. that, plus myself, is enough to warrant actually trying to do this. let me research, and i should have a page up with instructions and locations and stuff like that in a few days.

will be fun.
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I suppose I should introduce myself.

Hi, all.

I've been lurking for awhile, checking everything out. There's a lot of good minds in here.

I'm primarily a WoD player, but I also play L5R, and on occasion, Shadowrun. If anyone here plays Multiverser, I'd like to learn. I live in Illinois, right near St. Louis, MO, if anyone wants to get together to rp real-time.

Anyway, nice to meet everybody.
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Here's an introduction, since that seems to be a fairly normal thing to do. :)

I'm Bret. I've been role-playing for around 8 years. I'm currently running a summer Tribe 8 campaign. When I get back to college, I'll continue a Tribe 8 campaign that has already gone on for one semester and continue playing in an In Nomine campaign that's been running for two.

I try and design my own RPGs. This usually doesn't turn out too well, as finding people willing to playtest the game is pretty rough.

Me: All right, guys, I got this game I want to playtest.
Friend: I want you to run Tribe 8, though.
Everyone Else: Yeah, Tribe 8!
Me: *sigh*

I'm a huge fan of the lesser-known games, and I highly, *highly* recommend Tribe 8 to anyone who gets the chance to check it out.

And I guess that's it. :)