May 29th, 2001

Some More Exalted Information

Gathered by yours truly from a play-tester I have some decent filler on Exalted. First off, these guys are tough. They were created with 8/6/4 Attributes and some twenty-five Abilities when play-tested. They have these really cool "Virtue Flaws" that are like their heroic weaknesses. Additionally, Limit Break is exactly what you think - anger and pain builds the meter until the character "unleashes the beast," so to speak.

All Exalted survive into modern times. This is not a guess, this is fact. Lunars become Shapeshifters, Sidereal become Mages, Abyssal are proto-Wraiths and the Dragon-Blooded become Kuei-jin. The Fey that exist in Exalted are basically uber-True Faeries which go through several evolutions to become Changelings. The Solar Exalted do not survive the turn of the day though one "rumor" is that the surviving half-dozen were cursed by their god, the Unconquered Sun (who is "God" as far as we're concerned) and became the "2nd Generation" of Vampires.

Yes, Exalted is in every way a Final Fantasy rip-off. But it's a fun one and I can't wait to get my copy. You'll be interested to know that ALL of their Charms and Spells are flashy and extreme. Hence the twenty-two health levels. You don't survive as an Exalted by flashing these powers like "Ten Miles, the virtually invincible, nyah" and survive.

The Dragon-Blooded will slaughter you. One's Caste Mark is always visible, but there is a Background called "Dormancy" that will help you cover that up. Each dot is a die that you can roll at the start of a scene to keep the mark hidden. Othr Backgrounds include Manse (Node), Treasure (Fetish) and...sigh...Hearthstones. Yes, these are Materia. If you are wondering, they function exactly like Final Fantasy VII's Materia. Look at Harmonious Jade's bow. A lot of Hearthstones.

A lot has changed since the play-testing, but you'll all have Exalted soon enough...and yes, the link to the modern World of Darkness is VERY well-explained. The Golden Age is what (God) intended, the Age of Sorrow/Age of Heroes is what he ended up with and the World of Darkness is what he settled for.
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