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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Friday, May 25th, 2001


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10:49a - vampire: the automobile :)
ford (hey, the brujah aren't very creative *giggle*).
and, of course, there's the evil buick LaSambre..

but my favorite is the salubaru. :)

((yoinked from a friend of a friend......))

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5:16p - And now it's time to piss off the squares!
Well no, not really. I just have another vamp-related picture.

Hot off the art tablet. Here, I put a link this time so SOME PEOPLE (kidding, kidding...) don't get all up in my face about it. :)

I have no idea what clan this is. Nosferatu? I'm considering adding pointed ears. And the alleyway graphic is something I stole from somewhere. I think it was the info page to a proposed online game called "Horizons". Copyright whoever made it, etc.

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