May 22nd, 2001

Alec Ross JLA

Classic Monster

Just been reading Legacy of Heorot by Niven, Pournell & Barnes I'd kind of avoided it as I'm a fan of Pournell (Take a look at his Janessaries series for a solid campaign idea) but find Niven a bit too caught up in the Science of Sci Fi for my tastes (if I wanted that I'd still read Murrey Leinster)

Anyway humans land and colanise an island with a real minimal ecology fish (1 type), Birds and simple plants (algae).

The Fish live on the algae, the birds live off the fish.

Only that's not quite the case.

The fish are the spawn of really nasty critters.

Now the nasty critters will eat anything before they'll eat there own spawn, but they've already cleared the ground so there's nothing to eat except thier own spawn so it produces an ecological balance of the simplest nature.

Humans arrive and add more food to the food chain (crops, animals, themselves) so more spawn survive (even more if the humans try and kill off the nasty critters).

So come the spring thousands of nasty critters show up ready and willing to eat everything in sight.

I'd chuck them into an exiles fantasy setting I think (as discussed in a long ago post).
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Alec Ross JLA

Where to play (pt 2)

This comment also posted in the Where to Play discussion

I was reading an artical which said that hte way to suck new gamers in would be to offer them settings they knew.

I was also thinking about the old argument that rpg's only ever cover genre fiction.

I was wondering if anything would coem up that would fall outside that.

Is there any promise to an Ally McBeal RPG ?
What about a 90210 or Dawsons Creek ? I'm pretty convinced a Buffy one would sell, X-Files ? may have seen it's day.

What about Eastenders or Coronation Street or even some of these perfect past things like Last of the Summer Wine, Heartbeat or Ballykissangel (any of these that haven't hit the states ignore.)

The argument was that these sort of things may get new gamers intrested. My curiosity was whether existing gamers would be interested enough to create them.

What about sports ? Would an NFL or Fifa or even an FIA game sell ? Would it keep peoples attention?

Actually it's occured to me what about Magic or Pokemon/Digimon could a wider roleplaying game be used that involves the cards as part of it. I know that's the case with the pc game (but it didn't really work as an rpg).

Okay that's all I was intrested in seeing. Though looks like a Fallout rpg would sell if someone wants to work on it
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Reading Orc

Fiery Dragon to team up with White Wolf

Toronto, ON- May 22, 2001 - White Wolf Publishing, Inc. announced today its agreement with Fiery Dragon Productions, Inc. to
publish Fiery Dragon's line of d20 system roleplaying game books under White Wolf's Sword & Sorcery imprint.

"The response to our Sword & Sorcery products has been overwhelming and we continue to plan our expansion of the d20 market,"
said White Wolf President Steve Wieck. "From the beginning of our Sword & Sorcery imprint, we have focused on publishing quality
titles that retailers can be confident in carrying in their stores and gamers can be confident in using in their campaigns. We're very
proud to add Fiery Dragon to the list of design studios for whom White Wolf Publishing will distribute under the Sword & Sorcery
imprint, and we place our utmost confidence in the team at Fiery Dragon to produce some unique, fun, and professional d20

"By entering into this distribution agreement with White Wolf and its successful Swords & Sorcery Studio, we gain access to a
world-wide market of roleplayers revitalized by Wizards of the Coast's 3rd edition of Dungeons & Dragons and by the d20/Open
Gaming licenses" said Jason Kempton, President of Fiery Dragon Productions. "By aligning with a proven industry leader, we can
continue our success as developers and bring an expanded line of quality gaming products to the table," he adds.

Fiery Dragon has already enjoyed success in the rapidly expanding d20 market, its first three releases--NeMoren's Vault, The Silver
Summoning, and To Stand On Hallowed Ground--garnering very favorable reviews online and in print. Its initial release under the
Swords & Sorcery banner, Nature's Fury, will continue its tradition of exciting plots, strong NPC's, and color cardstock counters for
tabletop encounter resolution.

Nature's Fury will be available in mid-August, followed by Counter Collection I: The Usual Suspects, The Giant's Skull, and Gates of

With the addition of Fiery Dragon, White Wolf's Sword & Sorcery line will now include four design houses: Sword & Sorcery Studio,
which has produced the Creature Collection, Relics & Rituals, and the Scarred Lands campaign setting; Necromancer Games, which
has produced adventures such as The Crucible of Freya and Rappan Athuk--The Dungeon of Graves: The Upper Levels; White Wolf's
Arthaus affiliate which will publish the Ravenloft campaign setting under license from Wizards of the Coast; and now Fiery Dragon

For more information please contact:

Or visit:

Please note that Fiery Dragon's first three publications--NeMoren's Vault, The Silver Summoning, and To Stand On Hallowed
Ground--will remain exclusively available through Wizard's Attic and their qualified distributors and retailers.

NeMoren's Vault, The Silver Summoning and To Stand on Hallowed Ground are 2000, 2001 Fiery Dragon Productions, Inc.
The Crucible of Freya and Rappan Athuk--The Dungeon of Graves: The Upper Levels are 2000 Clark Peterson & Bill Webb,
Necromancer Games, Inc.
Creature Collection, Relics & Rituals, Scarred Lands and Sword & Sorcery Studio are trademarks of White Wolf Publishing Inc. All
rights reserved.
The D20 logo and "D20 System" are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast and are used with permission.
Dungeons & Dragons and Ravenloft are registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast.
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