May 21st, 2001

All right another one.

Ok all you wanna be vamps out there. I got another LARP question that's been the subject of a massive arguement around here lately. I'll ask your take on it.

In a Camarilla city a neonate Ventrue was punished by his Primogen and Prince by the removal of his Acknowledged Status Trait. This was his only Status Trait in the city. The Prince was qouted as saying "You are no longer under my protection" while stripping him of his status.

The next game that unlucky Ventrue was killed by a certain evil Tremere(that'd be me.) Now here's the question. I beleive that since he was stripped of his only Camarilla Status and cast out by the Prince his death was NOT a violation of the 6th Tradition of Destruction. Without Status he is no longer Camarilla and technically Anarch. Thus the Tradition of Destruction does not come into play. I was caught when anoter Ventrue stipped of Status broke into my business and stole the tape of his death. Now since he was no longer in the Camarilla at the time of his crime I can't hold him responsible for the 2nd Tradition of Domain in my eyes.

The arguement here is whether or not a Kindred with no Camarilla Status falls under the 6th Tradition. I say no. Others(about 5) say yes that a Prince can NOT boot a Kindred out of the Camarill(I think he can) and a blood hunt should be swiftly coming upon me.

Now here in the Charlotte area players are split. The STs are saying that I'm right as are most of the players at two different LARPs. However there is a small group saying my balls are in the fire.

Which is right?


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