May 20th, 2001

Hullo There!

New face in the village here!

Um... a lil' about myself? Right smack in the middle of DC and B-More, in RPers hell. Well, Hell-if-you-don't-have-transportation-'cause-circumstances-have-left-you-without-a-car-or-liscense. Anyway... most of my gaming is done online, via, sad to say, AOHell. Yeah, yeah, it sucks overall, but the RP here is fantastic. Table-top rawks too, and experience lies in the following realms:

AD&D 1st and 2nd (won't touch 3rd with a 10 foot pole), and a few homemade variants
V:TM (preference definitely lying in Dark Ages)
A touch of Shadowrun
And Battletech (both tabletop and miniature-form, with Warhammer and 40K too, while Im there).
There may be one or two others that I forgot - or want to forget, like Paranoia. ;-P

I'm so fiending to get myself into Mage, In Nomine, and 7th Sea.

Speaking of that, my first question: Who has even seen 7th Sea, and what are the collective thoughts about it?

Initial Musings Once More

I suppose it is now my turn for formal, or basic introductions to this community. I currently only play online, the horridness of AOHell, yet I have found a few high quality players I have stuck with for nearly four years - added by the newer intelligent ones I randomly do encounter.

Though I have never played in any other sort of manor minus AOL and my imagination, I am pursuing learning more of the numerous variations...particularly LARPs, following my interest in acting and performance. Rather odd for my quiet personality, but then, there are always surprises behind a facade.

So very interesting, I know. Thus, I am known. Pleasantries.


A Shard of Glitter
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Hey I was wondering if there are any people from Chicago on this list. I'm going next week and I was wondering if there is a good place to buy gaming stuff in downtown Chicago. Particularly White Wolf or R. Talsorian. If you can help thanks.
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A First Update

Apparently, the community does not allow you to edit your entries (please tell me how if that is an option), there are a few bits of information I did not post. First and foremost, I play strickly free-form...meaning no dice. To me, it lacks creativity to fight for yourself, as well, the numbers are just...not of interest to me - even as my primary school study is mathmatics. Secondly, I am always interested in new prospects of story lines, since I am only currently involved in more romantic ones and the stories we detail from there. Bits more of information are included in a comment of the most previous post. Such said, more detailed reports on my characters will follow. Hopefully this shall give me a chance to further create them to the best of my ability.
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Lets see first post eh?

Ok so my name is Big Daddy Cool Cuddles. I am a Live Action Role Player in the Charlotte North Carolina area.

I play or would like to play:

Vampire the Masquerade(played)
Werewolf the Apocalypse(played)
Mummy the Ressurection(played)
Mage the Ascension(played)
Changeling the Dreaming
Wraith the Oblivion
Hunter the Reckoning

I am primarily a White Wolf only role player but wouldn't mind branching out into some of the other companies. I currently LARP with Tooth N Claw Productions every other Sunday and with Caveat Magus on the opposite rotating Saturdays.

I know of a good many other LARPs in my area if anyone is interested.

I like role playing cause A: I've been doing since I was a little kid(most people have), B: Meet interesting people, and C: Sometimes it's nice to answer to a different name.


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I need a little advice here.

Ok all you LARPers out there, I got a question for ya.

I play a Tremere Primogen with three other Tremere in my city. One is Seneschal. The other two are neonates. Now as in most cities we Warlocks get a bad rep. Worse than we deserve actually. Every now and then some idiot from another clan gets stupid and tries some suicide attack on the clan either through influence or more commonly physical attacks. Now I'm not worried about the Seneschal and myself. We can handle em. But those two Neonates of mine are ripe targets. I want to know how best to build them as quickly as possible to survive an attack. I can continue to back em with my influence and they have a fair amount of Police and Legal anyways.

They both have Path of Blood as their primary. The female has Level 2 Blood and Level 1 Movement of Mind along with Level 1 Auspex. The male has Level 1 of Blood, Dominate, and Auspex. He's the one with the influence as well.

As their OOC Advisor as well it's my job to show em the ropes. I got a Gangrel and Brujah under my charge too but they're fine(no one gives a shit about em.)

So how should I best advise them. I know what I'll likely do but would like to hear a few ideas.


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