May 19th, 2001

Smokee Bounce-In

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I'm selling stuff... more specifically, I'm selling White Wolf books. All of them (except the Werewolf books.) Below is a list... anyone willing to pay a little extra for me to ship them to you, send me an e-mail. Or leave a comment, with a way to get ahold of you.

I'm selling:
Player's Guide to the Sabbat
Player's Guide to the Camarilla
VtM Player's Guide (Second Edition)
Children of Darkness
Vampire the Dark Ages (Second Edition)
VtDA Companion (Second Edition)
Clanbooks: Assamite, Gangrel, Lasombra, Malkavian
Kindred of the East
The 1000 Hells
The Changeling Player's Guide
and finally Book of Shadows : Player's Guide for Mage: the Ascension

Anyone interested? Anyone? I can't sell them on Ebay because I don't have a damned credit card.
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Smokee Bounce-In

(no subject)

I've also got a box of my Ex's Magic cards that I'll part with for $25, mostly commons, a few uncommons and a few rares.

Same thing applies as with the White Wolf books... leave a comment with some way of getting ahold of you.