May 18th, 2001

  • torch

campaign idea

would it be over the top for a gm to make a campaign with amnesiac pc's that had psionic powers, once belonging to an elite psionic police force, then framed and put inside a maximum security prison deep in the heart of africa, which is basically an open space with a marked perimeter. inside of that perimeter is a psionic dampener, designed not only to keep the pc's from using their powers, but also to keep out the psionic cat-beasts which are outside of the prison? who, by the way, are friendly to other psionic creatures, yet deadly to the other occupants of the prison, who are non-psionic, which the pc's wouldn't know until the power at this prison shut off and they were forced to deal with their powers and the telepathic cat-things at the same time?

i'm always afraid that i'm going to fall into a trap wherein i want to put in some flesh-eating zombies, and then i think it would be cool to have some magic, and frog-people, and soon i have hordes of frog-people zombies tossing around prismatic spheres and what not, and it takes me some thinking to figure out what went wrong.