May 17th, 2001

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Off the topic

I know this has litle to nothing to do with RPG's... but its very inspiring.. you should see it..

If you haven't seen it yet... Please do... Its something incredible.

Its More

Please.. take the time to download it.. it really is worth it. I can't tell you what its about.. its just wonderful... its more.

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Hey, I recently found some excellent books that I recommend for any gm who is working on a mystery...or really, almost any genre. The series is called "a writer's guide." They deal with various aspects of crime. Intended for novelists and screen writers, they are authored by both experts and writers. They don't sacrifice the story for detail, but they give excellenct information on how to make your stories accurate and logical. I've used them as references for both Call of Cthulhu and Vampire--they made the games incredibly enjoyable for my players. Well, until the cops hunting them began to pick up the clues THEY left behind...

Some of the topics covered in these books are weapons, murder, poison, forensics, M.O.'s, court procedure, and tons more.

Look, I know this sounds like a shrill, but they rock. Far better for me than over half the supplements put out.
Alec Ross JLA

Level less magic system

I've been toying with the idea of creating a game from the ground up (I was originally toying with a rewrite of Warhammer frpg but realised the cost of the new background books for the armies made it prohibative (especially as I don't play Warhammer battle system)

I was trying to think of a way to do mages. I like the idea of mages doing an apprentaship then becoming Journeymen to master their craft finally becoming guildsmen and taking apprentaces themselves (with obvious exceptions).

NB this is nothing to do with clerics I've not thought about them yet.

My idea is that you can remember a certain number of things actively (usually between 5 and 9).

So I thought that you can hang (prepare) a certain number of spells each day equal to your intelligence in spell complexity so you could at 18 int hold 18 really simple spells or maybe 3 or 4 okay spells or a killer spell and maybe a couple of little ones.

Spell power would be determined by the points you put into it based I think on Constitution and/or Strength. (I'd like to see an advantage to a good all rounder over these famish eyed brains on legs mages)

So a low con, giant int mage could remember cool spells but only cast them quite weakly where a better con lower int wizard could cast less complex spells more powerfully.

Any ideas, comments, suggestions, offers of marriage ?
Alec Ross JLA

Where to play ?

I was wondering which settings people would like to see transformed for roleplaying games.

My shopping list would be

Dune ( I was all for trying this myself until Chapter House then I just lost my grip on how the universe worked)

Liveship Traders (and Farseer Chronicles)

The six magics (Master of five magics, secret of the sixth magic, the seventh gate)

Boosted Man series

Strontium Dog (Starlord/2000ad)
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