May 16th, 2001


This is off topic, but important.

This goes out specifically to people who attended NorWescon this year.

My vintage red dress hat has gone missing.

So what, you say. Think about it. You guys know how much I have invested in my clothes. This is fucking important.

I am absolutely desperate to get it back. I brought it to NorWesCon, and that's the last place I remember seeing it. It was in a green cardboard box that was approximately 1x1.5' cubic feet. The hat it self is bright red felt with a brim, a black fishnet veil and a satin band that gathered around a spray of black feathers in the back. Small rhinestones were arranged in the shape of a diamond in the back on the little place where the feather went.

If someone has it, I want it back. I'll pay, beg, cry, whatever. No questions asked.


Please. This is probably the most valuable item in my entire wardrobe. It has extreme sentimental as well as tangible value.

I'm going to the opera tomorrow, and find out it's missing tonight.

I feel like complete and total shit.
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Mage: the Ascension Community

I have created a community for the discussion of the roleplaying game Mage: the Ascension. It is called 'spysdemise', and I encourage fans of Mage or the World of Darkness to join.

Some possible topics for discussion include:

  • reviews of new books, or speculation about upcoming ones
  • questions about mechanics or how to use some part of the game
  • ideas for settings, people, etc.
  • nifty rotes, spells, talismans
  • and all other things Magely.