May 15th, 2001

Amusing read.

Since giving up television, it has afforded me more time to devote to reading. Most of my reading is literature, or the Word, but on occassion I will read something light hearted and fun. I do play D&D, Greyhawk specifically, and so I picked up a couple of Greyhawk fiction. "White Plume Mountain" and "Decent into the Depths of the Earth" with a short story, "Keoland Blues," in Dragon magazine to tie the two together. Yes, they are fluff, but were highly enjoyable.

The books told the tales of the Justicar, a huge, bald Ranger roaming the land in search for Justice. His only companion a sentiant Hell Hound pelt, that is surprisingly good, but has a flare for the pyrotechnic. The Justicar and Cinder happen across several companions in their journies. Polk, the ever drunk and always full of useless knowlegde Teamster. Enid, the beautiful yet shy sphinx. Private Henry, a meer boy in a man's army (who's character surprisingly grows throughout the book). Benelux, the ever brillant and utterly annoying Holy Sword. Then there is of course, Escalla. She is Jus's fairy companion, and toward the end... more than a friend.

I will not ruin the books as there are those that might read them. As stated, they are a bit fully in content, but they are extremely enjoyable. "White Plume Mountain" is the first in the series, with "Descent..." following. To read them out of order would be a great injustice, as you would not see the growth of the characters. That is honestly what surprised me the most. I was actually simpathetic toward the characters. I loved seeing how they grew. More than enough emphasis is placed on each character. Funny enough, I wanted to see how the young Private Henry turned out most. I sort of guess the direction the others would take... though, Polk's outcome was both surprising and amusing at the same time. I sort of guessed where Jus and Escalla would end up, so that wasn't much of a surprise. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience, almost making me wish it didn't end.

I hope that Paul Kidd is writting another adventure. I would like to see where the characters end up after all is said and done. Maybe it will grace the pages of Dragon as a short story. Anything. I know that I had closure in this last book, but still... not closer enough. *L*.

One problem I am faced with now. What to read next. *turns to look at his bookshelf of books...*
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