May 12th, 2001

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More GURPS D20 stuff....

I'm trying to make it a little easier with a few less die rolls in combat. I like defense rolls, but I know a lot of my players don't (took a vote. =p). So here's my "armor class" for my GURPS hybrid....

Base of 15 + dodge score = AC if able to dodge, etc.

15 + dodge + active defense for when you're making an active defense.

I know it's not perfect, but I think it should work. Comments? Suggestions? Flames?

Also, if anyone has a good idea of what would be suitable DCs for various actions? In general, I can keep the D&D thing by raising DCs by 10, but people aren't going to be advancing in their skills nearly as quickly. Maybe increase by 5? 8?
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Fantasy Terrorism

Why do high power mages never blow things up in fantasy games?

Why aren't there 1st level hirelings with wands of magic missiles hanging out of scroll depositories when the cavalcade rolls by.

Given the chaos even an anticipated death and clearly stated line of succession can cause (take a look at the Stephen/Matilda war after Henry 1st died)

Surely it's not unreasonable to have a situation where rebel sympathisers would plot the removal of an undesirable leader and then call on thier homeland to come in and restore order ?

I'll tell you what started me on this train of though I was reading about the FBI files and McVeigh. Now leaving asides the whole conspiracy theory aspect (and trust me there's not going to be many that will). I was wondering how this would play out in a fantasy setting.

Then I got to wondering why it doesn't already
why when you can have a wand of meteor swarms and magical defences aren't too hot at the best of time doesn't politicals or the army or the assassins guild hire some earnest geek to point the wand and say the magic word.

I mean I remember having a rolemaster mage who became so powerful so rapidly that I couldn't find places to put all the points he was recieving (I made the mistake of allocating points Runequest style so they only went into skills I was using) anyway he cou to the stage where he could happily demolish a city block before I got too bored with him to play anymore (character abilies outstripped the character conception).

I remeber an couple of issues of the Avengers where the Absorbing Man wanted to go to a small island and set himself up as king (lovely Perez art as I recall it). What's to stop mages or clerics doing that.

Can't you see the wholley armies of a might makes right deity appearing on the hills around the city and ordering the leaders surrender and the populations conversion or else.

Hmmm I've kinda gone into a seperate point there should have made that two posts not to worry.
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To RP, or not to RP...?

My complete apologies for turning this forum into an Agony Aunt page, but I can't think of anywhere better to go for a bit of RP advice *wonders if flattery truly does get you everywhere*. Its also a chance for your own responses and feedback for a relatively new rper such as myself.

On a scale of 1-10, how hard would you gauge it is to stay in character?

At the moment, I'm finding it incredibly hard. I adore both my Fading Suns and AD&D 3ed characters but both of them are incredibly hard to role play.

My AD&D is a pretty bitter necromancer all around. She lives to create trouble and unrest but makes a point of withdrawing back into the shadows whenever things heat up. Despite this almost 'evil' sounding personality, she's fiercely loyal with a very dry, sarcastic sense of humour.
As it stands, thanks to her personality she was stabbed and almost killed by a barbarian a few sessions back. Well... I suppose it was my fault for telling him that our Priest of Pelor was actually hiding a stash of treasure from him, but that's beside the point. Because of this near death experience which I only survived due to bad roling on the barbarian's behalf, I've kept my mouth shut since.
But that's not the worst of it.. . I've recently possessed- or should that be 'been posessed by?'- an extremely chaotic evil staff. I can barely talk around the matter and so far he hasn't killed any of my team mates (or me for that matter!) but its hard. It would be so easy to slip completely under the staff's will and allow my alignment to take a sudden nose dive, but I have a great love for my necromancer and don't want to see her skewered by her other party members any time soon.
..... so what am I to do?

And in Fading Suns, I'm an extrovert healer who has a high calm trait. And yet it always seems to be her who argues and interogates. I'm not sure if this is my own fault or the inability of my team members to notice important things. I've gone from being a priest to a member of the Spanish Inquisition!
...... so what do I do here? Do I carry on with the demanding personality although it doesn't fit the mould of a healer? Or do I sit back and allow my group to stumble along without seeming to pick up on very important events and hints that the GM drops? Of course, I could tell them what to say but that seems to take half the fun out of it. I just find myself hesitating now more than ever as to whether I do things or not.

Sorry to ramble, but this has been bugging me for a while now. All feedback whether directly related or your own comments on the issue of staying IC would be much appreciated.

Yours, a contemplative RPer in England.

~(a.k.a) Lucrecia
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