May 11th, 2001

Alec Ross JLA

Ages of Heroism

As I've been wittering about I'm planning this Heropress SH PBM RPG.

Okay well as part of the background I want three heroic ages

The first runs from the Mahabarat to the Fall of Troy (strictly to the founding of Rome but let's not split hairs)

The Second is my problem I'll come back to it in a minute.

The Third will run from Victorian Era to now (Adam Adamant, War of the Worlds etc all happened)

Now the second age has stumped me. I was thinking about this in the shower this morning (well it was that or Java programming so RPG's win every time) and I decided I want the second age to end with the fall of Camelot but I can't think of where to start it. I'd like some big heroic event preferably none European (so no Beowolf if I can avoid it) somewhere around 2-5 centuries before the fall of Camelot.

I don't want to use the birth of Christ because it's too far back.

Any ideas ?
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  • azrien

New member *insert fanfare here*

My name's Azrien, and I just joined :)

I usually do MUCKs, and my preferred area of roleplay is anthro. I'm on FluffMuck the most, although I am on other mucks. I also do LARPs, but not much since the only LARP I know of in my area is VtM. I am dying to get into a Star Trek or anthro LARP. Know any in Milwaukee? Hehhe

I have one question: Who here is going to Gen Con? I'll be going, and I'm signin up for the anthro RPG, VtM, some others, annnd IF I have the money, Deep Space 2000. I dunno though... $18 for 4 hours? Hmmm. In any cas, it'll be a blast. One of the last years it'll be in Milwaukee *sigh*