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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Thursday, May 10th, 2001
9:35p - ...hi.
I'm Elena, and I'm a Roleplaying addict. though I might not be as crazy as some of you, which I'm not saying is bad, but I'm a big RP fan, though maybe not in the traditional sense. I usually play on MU* and etc, Messenger services, the occational message board and e-mail. Surrently I play most often on Chiba City MUSH ( http://saturn.planetmud.com/~ccmush/ - Yes, I know I'm plugging. Shamelessly), as of late, as Lola and Hikari. I'm members of other assorteds, but I'll behave. Whoohoo! RPers rock. :P

current mood: silly

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